[DH Fan Fun] DH Connection – Daniel Henney Fan Project

Hello everyone!  We’d like to invite all of Daniel’s fans to participate in a fun fan project put on by the Facebook group DH Connection.  The pic below is the concept cover.  We’re inviting fans from all over the world to participate!  So, please join DH Connection on FB to meet more fans & get updates on the project.

PROJECT: Through Our Eyes to Yours
BY: Daniel Henney Fan’s All Around the World
Start Date: 01/12/2012
Deadline: 02/29/2012
The concept of this project is to compile fan Letters and pictures from all around the world addressed to Daniel Henney. Everyone has a story or a chapter in their life where all of a sudden a profound interest for Daniel Henney has entered your world. Without even realizing how much this man has influenced you in one way or another in real life.

We all share a common interest and admiration for Daniel now here is your chance to express yourself in your own testimony to share not just to Daniel but to other fans all around the world.

Once the book has been compiled  you will be able to purchase your own hard copy and if you will be attending the fan meet for 2012 maybe have Daniel sign it. I will post the book up as an eBook once it is complete. And give details on how to order later. But for now….

We all have a part of writing this fan based book of letters to Daniel

Requirements:  Letter must be in PDF or DOC format: Each fan will have 2 pages in the book.

  • If you would like to handwrite your letter you may do so. You will have to scan it to a PDF document for me to place it in the book.
  • 5 photos total
    • Self Photo
    • Favorite photo of Daniel Henney
    • Sceneic Location of your City/State or Province/Country
    • 2 other photos you would like to add to your pages
The following is standardized for the letter:
Date of Birth:Date:How did you discover Daniel Henney?Short introduction of yourself:

And your message to Daniel:


RheaLyn Sico
Los Angeles, CA

January 11, 2012

How did you discover Daniel Henney?:  Well in search of Alex O’Loughlin on NETFLIX I came across “Three Rivers” …..

Introduction:  My name is Rhealyn and I’m 36 years old, I have 2 daughters ……..

Message to Daniel: 

                Hi Daniel….


Email your pictures and your letter to: DHenney.Connection@gmail.com
(Subject: Project Submission)

If you have any questions please email: DHenney.Connection@gmail.com
(Subject: Project Questions)

**Remember this is a book that will be public for everyone to read ** 


Here’s a PDF copy of the project outline.
Here’s a PDF of FAQs about the project.  Still have a question?  Please email: DHenney.Connection@gmail.com 

3 responses to “[DH Fan Fun] DH Connection – Daniel Henney Fan Project

  1. This is superb!! Going to give myself a go after I finish my charity project! It’s so fun, I can’t wait for it to be published!!

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