[Movie News] Cast & Crew Screening of Shanghai Calling

The cast & crew is watching the first screening of Shanghai Calling tomorrow! How exciting!!! Congratulations to everyone, especially Daniel Hsia – the writer & director of Shanghai Calling.  We’re all very excited to see Daniel Henney showcase his comedy skills and the rest of the cast in action.  Have a great weekend, y’all! ^_^

Shanghai Calling movie poster (source: @danielhenney)

Shanghai Calling’s writer & director, Daniel Hsia, tweeted this message earlier today:

Big thanks to #shanghaicalling sound dept and @light_iron for fixing tech glitch this week. First cast & crew screen Sat!@shanghailicious

Thank you to Mr. Hsia for letting fans virtually “tag along” in the process.  His director’s blog is a fantastic insight into his vision, the origins of the movie and lessons he learned along the way.  Getting really excited about this movie and cannot wait to see it.  If you haven’t already, go visit the official website…

Hope the entire cast & crew in attendance enjoys themselves tomorrow!


Would you like to follow along on twitter?  Here are the official twitter accounts:

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