[Movie News] Daniel Henney in Korean Movie “Papa” – January 2012

LOL – We know what you’re thinking…”Papa“?!  What is “Papa“?  And Daniel Henney’s in it?  Wait, what? You’re lying! When? January?!  What?! *scratch head* I’m confused…

Remember when Daniel tweeted these pics from Atlanta back in October?

Well, he was on location filming the movie “Papa”.  We’re guessing his role of “music producer” is a short one since he was only there for about a week and filming wrapped about a week after he left.

Here’s the Soompi article link posted on December 13th by writer-girl:

For a little bit more information, you can visit Papa’s Asian Media Wiki page:

It looks like a really cute comedy full of [mis]adventures in parenting!  For the time being, it’s only a Korean release (January 19th).

All of the international fans are crossing our fingers hoping that we’ll be fortunate enough to see this movie one day with subtitles.  So, if you’re one of the super lucky fans in Korea or will be in Korea January 19th be sure to support the movie, if you can!  *FIGHTING*  .^_~.

Papa Trailer - Eng subs

Here’s a Papa Trailer from:


A multitude of thanks to the wonderful ladies from Hermosa Japan for sharing the links and articles!  Marika & Ayako…you both are so wonderful!  ありがとうArigato gozaimasu!


Quick update about Daniel’s other upcoming movie, Shanghai Calling…per the director, Daniel Hsia’s recent tweet, the musical score is being recorded. The movie’s getting closer to being completed!  Be sure to visit & subscribe to the official Shanghai Calling website.

2 responses to “[Movie News] Daniel Henney in Korean Movie “Papa” – January 2012

  1. wow! love what uv done w/ the page!!! kudos to the admin!!! oh my papa daniel LOL! cnt wait to c that!

  2. Happy to hear you like the changes, Peanut! Now we have three movies to look forward to: Shanghai Calling, The Last Stand and Papa. 🙂

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