Last Minute Update!

Hello, everyone!  I do apologize for the misinformation.  KBS has changed it’s policies since last Saturday.  You now have to register prior to being able to view TV shows via live stream.  So, unless you’re already registered with KBS international fans will not be able to watch Road for Hope.  😦  We shall just remain hopeful that we’ll be able to see it in the future.  My apologies again!  Hope the lucky fans in Korea are able to watch the documentary.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

Since international fans couldn’t watch Daniel’s segment (6 of 7 segments in total) on Road for Hope…here’s the KBS page for the documentary.  Heart-wrenching story of people living in extreme poverty and dire conditions after being driven from their homes by drought, famine & war conflict.

The black & white picture of Daniel holding the child makes me weep EVERY time, not only for the child but the heartache on Daniel’s face wishing he could do more to help.  If I’m reading the google translation correctly, this segment was filmed in Dadaab – currently referred to as the largest refugee camp in the world.

Thank you to Ayako (@mmarina226) for sharing the link.

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