[CF BTS] Daniel Henney & PROSPECS 2011 Fall & Winter Collection

October 14, 2011 – Many thanks to Ayako (@mmarina226) for sharing this link with HUSA!  Daniel’s fans worldwide are supremely awesome blessings!

Daniel Henney is currently the spokesperson for PROSPECS – the 3rd largest outdoor gear & sporting goods brand in Korea.  They recently launched their 2011 Fall & Winter Collection and a couple of BTS videos supporting the new products.  We thought you might like to see them.  Normally, I prefer to link directly to the original website but sometimes the videos take [what feels like] an eternity to upload on the computer; so to make it easier on folks, the two videos have been embedded here.  Please visit PROSPECS official site to see the rest of the e-catalog!


For more information or if you prefer to view the videos on PROSPECS website, here’s the link            (just be patient while the video loads – it’s a very content rich website):   http://www.prospecs.com/product/pictorial2011.asp

PROSPECS is currently not available in the US, but they are scheduled to launch sometime soon (4th quarter).  They’ve recently done an extensive round of trials & reviews with US customers and their launch is eagerly awaited by many!  You can find and follow them on Facebook – PROSPECS.


One response to “[CF BTS] Daniel Henney & PROSPECS 2011 Fall & Winter Collection

  1. i like the video and DANIEL is great , Thanxxx

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