[FB Post] Charity Mission to Kenya & One Day of Peace

September 15, 2011 –  Daniel posted on Facebook last night that he’s leaving for Kenya next Friday on a charity mission.

Hey All,
I know I’ve been absent for a bit, don’t worry….all’s well!  I wanted to share this with all of you.  I head to Kenya next Friday on a charity mission, and it’s talks like this that inspire me to do so.
Luv Daniel

The inspiring talk to which Daniel is referring is from Jeremy Gilley, called “One Day of Peace” – one man’s mission to promote worldwide peace, if only for one day EVERY YEAR– September 21st.  Another compelling video from TED.com.

Here’s the link so you can watch the video for yourself, if you haven’t already…Please feel free to share – it’s absolutely SHAREWORTHY!  😀

Thank you to Daniel for sharing this with the rest of us!  🙂

Also, if anyone has a link to Jeremy’s other documentary featuring Jude Law please share so we can share with others.


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