[DH Fan Fun] Another Daniel Henney Fan Q&A video!

August 30, 2011 – Wohoo!  Got questions for Daniel?  Well, he just might answer them!  Team D just posted on Daniel’s Facebook they’re going to do another Fan Q&A video!  Wowzers…two Q&A vids in one year!  Be still our ♥s!  Watch out Daniel & Team D, you just might spoil your fans.  Although, certainly every fan really wouldn’t mind getting a little spoiled at all!  😉  

“Hey everyone! Team D here. How was your summer? 😀 We hope it was filled with sun, good food, travels and laughter. Can you believe it’s over already? Let’s do another Q&A video with Daniel to close out the summer and welcome the Fall. Post your questions here in this thread. For those of you just joining, make sure to watch our previous Q&A videos Daniel created (for the fans!) to get an idea of what questions were already asked. Good luck! – Team D”


For your convenience here are the links to the two previous Q&A videos:


Daniel Henney Answers Fans (June 3, 2010)


Daniel’s Second Q&A video (April 3, 2011)


So fellow fans, let’s come up with some awesome questions for Daniel…


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