[Newsen Pics] Daniel Henney’s Latest Biotherm Homme Pictorial

August 22, 2011 – A big “THANK YOU!” to @hiantymulyadi for finding and sharing these links & pics from Newsen!

Is there a kind soul out there who can properly translate the article from Korean to English?  Please feel free to comment below or email us at hermosausa@gmail.com.  We would greatly appreciate it!  The translations (article & captions) provided are straight copy+paste from Google Chrome…LOL…with a few tweaks. >.<

 [Newsen Power News] Daniel Henney usual lifestyle was unveiled two spell everything out: Last DanielHenney pictorial by shooting her with a routine unveiled Daniel Henney pieces , as well as looks, solid muscle body and boasts a perfect man is . However, he “tastes as much as Republic of Korea , and no different from a regular guy, “he said. the usual football like the dawn of progress and the bikmaechirado bondago staying up all night talking with friends may cheer. No matter how tired, drinking with friends, as well as the ever faithful to the end without any signs of fatigue, so keep drinking par loyal lover, of course, one can think of anything to start the standard of being a man, you end bogoya Obama’s Republic of Korea.

All photos are from © Newsen.com

Daniel Henney watching the football game…
Daniel Henney, encroaching on the storm, night shift work ‘chojipjung’ [potoen]
Daniel Henney, suljariseo Business hoeuijung ‘psychic force’ [potoen]

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3 responses to “[Newsen Pics] Daniel Henney’s Latest Biotherm Homme Pictorial

  1. he is amazing…. I admire you…

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