[Hermosa International] 2011 Daniel Henney Fan Meeting Deets

Thursday, July 28, 2011 – More details about Daniel Henney’s Fan Meeting in Seoul on Sat., August 13, 2011.

COURTESY REMINDER:  *July 30, 2011: Last day to send in your membership dues to become an official member of Hermosa – Daniel Henney’s Official Fan Club*

  • $30 (US) for fans attending the Fan Meeting
  • $50 (US) for fans NOT attending the Fan Meeting [$30 membership + $20 shipping for your membership souvenir gift]

Hi, everyone!  There’s only two more weeks before the 2011 Daniel Henney Fan Meeting!  Who’s excited about going?  The current Hermosa fan club president, BoBae Jang, posted more deets (details) on the event on Hermosa International’s blog site:


Posted July 26, 2011:

The address of fan meeting place

Hello, there!
The address of fan meeting place is 38-18 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Like I said, it’s very close to line no.7, Hak-Dong station from Exit 7.One more thing, you can bring your friends for fan meeting.
And they have to pay about $20, but if they pay $30, they can be a member of Hermosa right away.
For more information, please email me.

Posted July 23, 2011:

About the fan meeting!

Hello, there again!
I have some news.
The fan meeting will start at 6pm.
The place is the basement of Daniel’s company building. ( Apple of the eye)
His company has recently moved.
The company is close to Exit 7 Hak-Dong station, line no. 7.
I will let u know more detail later.
In this fan meeting, there is an auction that you can pay only in Korean cash and the maximum limit price is under $300.
This auction is about 3items in the Daniel’s collection will be prepared and auction proceeds will be donated to organizations that Daniel wants.
Also, everyone who attended, what questions to Daniel gonna write on a sticky note.(Post-it)
So, think ahead before attending to those questions please.
If you have other questions, feel free to email me! (doggybagbb@hotmail.com)


Also, please keep those in Seoul who are affected by the recent heavy rains, flooding and mudslides in your prayers.  It has been said this is the worse flooding in a century for Seoul.  Here’s the latest from CNN.com – “Waves in the streets of Seoul”, if you haven’t already seen the news.

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