[News] Follow Daniel Henney on TWITTER

July 20, 2011 – Howdy, everyone!  How has your week been so far?!  Good, we hope. 🙂  We’re half way done, let’s make the most of it!!!  😉



In case you’ve missed out on the latest…Daniel has been tweeting more often (to the sheer delight of his fans).   Since July 11th’s tweet, “Maybe I should tweet more?” [to which he received an overwhelming amount of responses agreeing he should! 😀 ], he’s tweeted that he was in New York filming the last shot of Americatown, how much he missed NYC, professed his addiction to &  raved of the power of oatmeal; even went a little political by touching on recent polls regarding President Barack Obama.


Early this morning Team D posted this on Daniel’s Facebook page inviting more fans to join & follow Daniel on Twitter:

“hello everyone! team d here…just wanted to let you know that Daniel’s been twittering updates here and there so make sure to follow him on http://twitter.com/danielhenney for some real-time updates. Take care! – Team D”

So, if you haven’t already joined Twitter what better reason than to follow Mr. Daniel Henney?  😀  We can’t wait to see you in Twitterverse, so you can get real-time updates from Daniel himself too!  Join Twitter and follow Daniel TODAY


And don’t forget about Team D on Twitter…

Be sure to follow them and show some love!





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