[FAN MEETING UPDATE] Hermosa Fan Club – Annual Daniel Henney Fan Meeting in Seoul 8/13/11

July 15, 2011 –  Happy Friday and GREAT NEWS, everyone!  🙂  Yesterday Hermosa International posted the finalized date for the 2011 Daniel Henney Fan Meeting:  Saturday, August 13th.   Thanks so much to Hermosa Fan Club President, BoBae Jang, and Hermosa staff for keeping us updated!  We really appreciate it!

The annual fan meeting is open to all official Hermosa Fan Club members.  So, if you’ve paid your membership dues and will be in Seoul the weekend of August 13th, you have a chance to see Daniel Henney in 3-D! (sorry – bad movie humor.  It’s 3 am as I write this, so please forgive me  😉 )

Interested in becoming an official Hermosa Fan Club Member?  More great news…they’ve extended the registration period until 7/31/11!   Click on the link below for membership instructions.

International fans attending the meeting:  Membership fees = $30 (souvenir gift can be received at fan meeting – please let Jeymi know you’ll be picking it up at the meeting when you register!)

International fans NOT attending fan meeting:  Membership fees = $50 ($30 membership + $20 to ship the souvenir gift to you)

Also note:  there are possible additional domestic bank fees to wire your membership dues.  Please check with your bank to find out their fee to send the money to Korea.  Hermosa Fan Club can ONLY accept wire transfer as payment at this time.  Thank you for your understanding.



Recent Daniel News:  Daniel tweeted yesterday that he’s in New York City to finish filming his most recent movie,  Americatown; even saying the last shot [of the movie is] gonna be a good one.  We can hardly wait to see Daniel in the starring role of this romantic comedy!!!

Thanks for tweeting & updating your fans, Daniel!  Safe travels to you, Martin & Matt  to your next destination…




6 responses to “[FAN MEETING UPDATE] Hermosa Fan Club – Annual Daniel Henney Fan Meeting in Seoul 8/13/11

  1. I wish I could go! T.T Meeting Daniel Henney is my life-long dream. (trying my very best not to sound freaky and stalker-ish). I went to a local bank and asked if they were able to wire money to KEB (Korea Exchange Bank). All hopes and dreams came to a crashing end when all they gave me was this look and said, “sorry, we can’t”. So as of right now, I am still a non-member. But Daniel will always and forever be a member in my heart. HEYYYY CHEEZY! 😛

    Hope you guys have a great weekend! AND I SO LOVE THIS WORDPRESS! Love and kisses.

    • hermosausaadmin

      Oh my, that IS devastating! 😦 Hopefully you’ll find a bank that is able to wire money to Korea in the future (maybe in a bigger metro area?). Your enthusiasm & spirit are amazing, Farah! Thank you for your kind words & we’re so happy to hear you love this fan blog. Love, hugs & kisses back! ♥ Take care 😀

  2. Beng Quitangon

    Hi, i was unable to register in the fan club but i was an associate fan club member of the old website. As luck would have it, i will be in Seoul on the 13th Aug and would like to get more details on this event. Can i still join officially?

  3. thanks for the update, i will definitely make time for this…are you attending the event? hope to see you there.

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