[Blog News] Watch Daniel Henney CFs

July 10, 2011 –  Hello everybody!  How was your weekend?  Hope it was great!!!  We just wanted to let you all know we’ve added a new section to Hermosa USA! 


Have you already looked thru all of Daniel’s photo albums on Facebook and watched all of his movies/dramas, but you still want to see more of Daniel?  You’re in luck!  For your viewing pleasure we’ve added some of Daniel’s CFs (commercial films) to HUSA.  🙂

Since Daniel has been in so many CF’s we’ve had to separate them into four categories:

Please note that these are not all of the CF’s that Daniel has been in (for a list of companies he’s worked with, visit Daniel’s Biography page).  We plan on rotating or adding more videos/links over time.  Enjoy!  

Many thanks to Dee, one of Hermosa USA’s admins, for providing the links to these CFs!    Oh and if there’s a YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo video link for a CF that you’d like to see on Hermosa USA, comment with the link and we’ll add it! 




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