[Pics] 100 Star Craft – Daniel Henney in InStyle Korea June 2011

Hello everyone…sorry this post is so late!  It was supposed to go out last week, but things were a little hectic.  Thank you to ☆★Starz★☆, Marika (@happyrobin) and Ayako (@mmarina226) for sharing the pics and links!   You ladies are perpetually awesome! ♥

In case you missed it, Daniel Henney and his manager, Martin, were featured in InStyle Korea’s 100 Star Craft pictorial this past June.   Some cute & playful pics of the guys washing a van – perfect to kick off summer, wouldn’t you say?  Just click on the pic below to see the full pictorial on InStyleKorea.com

*All images belong to InStyle Korea.  Copyright www.instylekorea.com*


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