[Short Movie] Daniel Henney as The Stranger in “Tattoo”

UPDATE:  July 4, 2011 –   Here’s some clarification re: Daniel’s latest projects.   “Tattoo” is a short film that was shot in the U.S. (late March/early April, by best guess-timate) and was actually meant to feature Red Studio’s new camera the EPIC 5K for NAB 2011 but we’re all in it for The Henney.  The premise of the short is explained below.  “Tattoo” is a short film – meaning there are no other parts; although, admittedly, it will leave you wanting more.  😉

It is a completely separate project  from “Americatown” part of which was shot in Shanghai, China from mid-May thru the end of June.

UPDATE:  June 7, 2011 –   DOWNLOAD & WATCH TATTOO  -Oh my golly, my goshes…Daniel does dark & brooding so well!

[Note:  There is a slight audio delay when viewing the film in Windows Media Player (WMP).   Better video quality when viewed as a QuickTime video.  If you’ve downloaded the film and watched it with WMP but would like to watch it with QuickTime, click on the link to download QuickTime.  After QuickTime is downloaded onto your computer,  right-click on the video file and choose “Open with…” and select “QuickTime”.  It’s best to save the file to “Desktop” so it’s easy to find and access.]

DH Signature Smirk

Screen Cap of Daniel Henney in "Tattoo"

June 3, 2011 – Happy Friday, everyone!  If you missed Team D’s post on Dan’s FB, they’ll put up some pics from Shanghai as soon as they can.  Yay!  Can hardly wait!  Certainly hope the guys have a day off just to blow off some steam and enjoy some of the sites in Shanghai.

In the meantime,  it has been recently discovered that Daniel is in a movie short directed and co-written by Bill Paxton and Mick Reinman called Tattoo.   Daniel Hsia (writer/director of Americatown) wrote the screenplay for this 9-minute short film co-starring James Hong as the elderly tattoo artist.  Daniel plays the part of  “The Stranger” who goes to “The Old Man” to see about getting a tattoo.

Being a huge fan of tattoos, I can barely contain my imagination regarding the tatt, where it will (or would) be placed and it’s meaning.  No info yet on when or where it can be viewed, but we’ll be sure to share if we find out!  Hopefully Daniel or Team D will be able to fill ALL of us in on that part!  😉

Have a DELIRIOUSLY wonderful weekend, everyone!


13 responses to “[Short Movie] Daniel Henney as The Stranger in “Tattoo”

  1. Then what about Americatown??? Isn’t that by Bill Paxton as well?

    • hermosausaadmin

      They’re still shooting Americatown, but I think “Tattoo” was a side project. I thought it was interesting that “Tattoo” was written and directed by Mr. Paxton and now they’re filming together, as well. Daniel Hsia is the writer and director for Americatown. Bill Paxton is a co-star.

  2. hermosausaadmin

    OMGoodness! That “signature smirk” at the end just did me in! >.<

  3. WOW!!! Gorgeous camera work and lighting! Beautiful soundtrack too… And I love the ambiguity of Daniel’s character (go, Daniel!)… and James Hong, amazing! (I cannot believe he’s 82 years old…!) Really wish this were a longer “short” film. My mind is already playing with all the possible scenarios… Thank you, Hermosa USA, for this link! You rock, as usual. 🙂 — Delia

    • hermosausaadmin

      Awww, thanks for your kind words & constant support, Delia! We’re always glad to share the “Henney Love” with fellow fans!

      James Hong IS amazing and such a talented actor with decades of experience in the industry (along with Powers Boothe & Bill Paxton)! It must’ve been so awesome to have been able to work with them all, even for a short film. I love the way the story integrated the Old West (so very Bill Paxton, in my opinion ^_^). Daniel did such a great job portraying an Old West bad@$$! Isn’t it just a pleasure watching him in different roles as an actor? 🙂

      My cup of enthusiasm for “Americatown” hath runneth over after watching this short film since Daniel Hsia & Bill Paxton are on this project as well.

  4. Nguyen Nguyen

    i cound’t watch the movie. after downloading it, It didn’t run at all. HELPPPPPPP

    • hermosausaadmin

      Did you extract the winzip file? If you did, you might have to update your QuickTime or Windows Media Player (if you have an older version). If your QuickTime & WMP are up-to-date and the video still doesn’t play correctly on your computer, then try the link provided in the post: VLC (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/).

      Or, try downloading the video in Firefox. Sometimes IE (Internet Explorer) can be problematic.

  5. Nguyen Nguyen

    thanks a lot. it’s really nice when you manage to answer immidiately. thanks a gain.

    • hermosausaadmin

      No problem at all. I really hope you’re able to download and watch this film. Yes, we’re a “little” biased because we’re Daniel Henney fans but it’s a really nice short. 🙂

    • hermosausaadmin

      Always a pleasure, my dear! So glad you were able to watch it!

  6. i can´t see the link of “tatoo”….

    • hermosausaadmin

      If you click on the words “Download & Watch Tattoo”, that is the link. Good luck! I really think you’ll like it!

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