CONGRATULATIONS! Daniel Henney’s FB reaches Quarter Million Mark!



May 30, 2011 –   Hi, everyone!    How are you?  We hope you’re all doing well and enjoyed your weekend.  Since Facebook, Twitter & YouTube are banned in some parts of China, Shanghai (where Daniel’s currently shooting his new project, Americatown) being one of them, some of us from Hermosa USA wanted to send out our CONGRATULATIONS to Daniel & Team D for reaching 250K fans on FB (if they even have time to read them – LOLz).   Just in case they happen to have some time, here are some heartfelt messages…


  • Congratulations Daniel on your 250k fans on Facebook, I know your hard work and talent will help you reach your goals, and to Team D thanks for making this [Facebook] fan page the best of all!!!   –Jessika, Puerto Rico
  • Wow 250K, thats amazing!! Congrats Daniel and Team D. Dan did you ever think in a millon years that you would be this popular? lol. I’m sure your new show will be amazing, you always give 110% in everything you do…Keep up the great work! XX   –Khaley, Oregon
  • Hi Daniel and Team D:   250k fans is a lot but that’s just the ones that are aware about your facebook page. Don’t forget all those ahjummas who are not tech-savvy; your fans in China that can’t have facebook and other fans who only get glimpses of you through posters or magazines because they forgot to pay their internet bills. That’s like 250k multiplied by 100000000000000 (I’m sure this figure exceeds the earth’s population but I included extra-terrestial beings as well. What can I say, you’re just out of this world!)  Adelene,  Perth, Australia
  • Dearest Daniel:   Hey Boo, I know you’re super busy right now and probably won’t even see this, but I still wanted to stop by anyway and say, “WOHOOOO!!!  CONGRATULATIONS ON HITTING THE QUARTER MILLION MARK!”  *applause*  WOWZERS…250K is ahh-MAY-zing!  Definitely a Memorial Day to remember!  [^_^]  Always wishing you all the success, happiness, love & support your heart can handle.  [.~_~.]  Praying everything is going well with your latest project and hope Shanghai is taking really good care of you (and Martin).  Stay happy, healthy and blessed!   Take care [ + :)]    –Mar

    Dear Team D: CONGRATS to you, as well! Thank you for all you do for Daniel. He’s tremendously blessed to have you all as part of his team!   –Mar,  California

  • Hi, Daniel and Team D!!   Congratulations on your FB’s fans are getting to 250K!! Great!  You could be more great actor, and I respect you as a great person!  I hope your latest shooting goes well and I wish I could watch the movie in Japan.  And please, please come to Japan for the promotion! I want to see you on the red carpet! I’m so excited just imagine it!  Daniel and Team D, FIGHTING!!  God bless all of you guys!!    –Love…Ayako#^-^#, Japan

  •  Yey!!! Cheers to Daniel and Team D for the quarter million fans! More power and keep the numbers going! xoxo!   –Manilyn, Philippines

  • Congratulations, Daniel, on reaching a quarter of a million fans! And cheers to Team D for all their hard work!  –Delia, TX

  • Mayday mayday mayday…Happy Quarter of A Million Fans!!! Congratulation Daniel and Team D. This is so amazing, because you got it in a month. This is your May!  –Rieana, Jakarta, Indonesia

  • A pat on the back for you for reaching 250k, Daniel. Have a pint and celebrate 🙂   –Grace, London

  • Now we are: 250 thousand fans, and there’s still several quarters of a million more to join us! Congratulations Daniel Henney and Team D!  This only means that you’re in the right path! (in the path of full success).   –Bombon, Guadalajara, Mexico

Please feel free to comment below and add your congratulations to Daniel & Team D on reaching this milestone!  ^_^


2 responses to “CONGRATULATIONS! Daniel Henney’s FB reaches Quarter Million Mark!

  1. Thank you, Hermosa USA, for the chance to share our greetings! 🙂 (D)

  2. hermosausaadmin

    Thank you, Kitomin (D :)), for sharing your greeting! Thanks to the rest of the ladies, as well: Jessika, Khaley, Ads, Ayako, Peanut (Manilyn), Rieana, Grace and my Favorite Namesake (Bombon). I know it was very last-minute, so thanks for everything! Love & hugs always…

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