[Blog Repost Link] G9 Travel Guide to Shanghai: Architecture

May 23, 2011 –  Hello, everyone!  I hope your week has gotten off to a wonderful start so far; if not,  let’s hope it gets much better by the end of the week.  *think positive*  ~^_^~  Also just wanted to share with you that we might have to wait for a bit to get any updates from Daniel himself since Facebook,  Twitter and YouTube are banned in Shanghai, China.

While this post isn’t directly related to Daniel,  I thought it would be fun to share with you all some great pictures sampling Shanghai’s architecture from G9 Gamma Nine Photography’s “Freshly Pressed” post [Congrats to Marc @ Gamma Nine!  Thank you so much for letting us link to you!].    Hopefully, Daniel & Martin will be afforded some downtime where they can enjoy some of the sites and landmarks of this beautiful city!   Since we can’t be there in person, let Gamma Nine’s photos show us some of Shanghai (click on the links to see more pics)…

G9 Travel Guide to Shanghai: Architecture

Pudong Skyline at Night - Gamma Nine Photography

The Shanghai Skyline from the catwalk of the World Financial Center – Gamma Nine Photography



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