[Update] “On the Border 2” to be shown worldwide- Daniel Henney Voiceover

[Article date: April 12, 2011] Chosun Ilbo’s  “On the Border 2” will be shown worldwide .  A little late, but still GREAT news for the rest of us who wanted to see this follow-up documentary and hear Daniel’s voice!  For those who didn’t know, Daniel Henney donated his time and voice talent to the documentary about the plight of North Korean refugees by doing the voiceover work in both Korean and English.  Click on the link to go to the news article.  We’ll try to keep everyone posted on show dates (on PBS and/or HBO) as they become available.

Here’s the link for the original post (w/ links to Chosun Ilbo’s news article):  Chosun Ilbo Documentary Narration

If you’re interested in seeing clips from On the Border (caution: some images are disturbing): 

Here’s a link to a preview of  “On the Border 2 – Across Land Across Sea” [no English translation yet]

Here’s a link to a preview of  “On the Border 2 – Seeking Haven”  [no English translation yet]


Has anyone (in Korea or Japan) seen either of the documentaries?  Comment and let us know!  Did you like it?  What segment or story affected you most?  Was it informative & did it increase your awareness? 


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