[NEWS: New Movie Project] Daniel Henney in Shanghai



May 13, 2011 –  It appears Daniel Henney will be shooting a comedy with Bill Paxton about two ex-pats in modern day Shanghai starting this month.  Good luck to Daniel and the rest of the cast!  (Or should it be “break a leg”?  Thought that was only for theater…)  Either way, hope all the shoots go well and they have a great time making this movie!

Movie info

Producer: Janet Yang (Joy Luck Club, The People vs. Larry Flynt)
Director/Writer: Daniel Hsia (Psych, Andy Barker, P.I., Four Kings)
Confirmed Cast: Daniel Henney (X-Men Origins: Wolverine); Bill Paxton (Twister, Apollo 13, Titanic)
Casting Director (China): PoPing AuYeung (The Karate Kid, The Forbidden Kingdom)

PS:  Congratulations, Daniel, on landing this role!  Best of luck & God Bless you always!

June 16, 2011 – Please note that this project is NOT THE SAME AS the HBO series or the movie with a similar title [Americatown: God Speed Americatown] by Kenneth Price & the comic troupe “Superkiiiids!” that was released earlier this year (January 2011). 

If you haven’t already downloaded and watched the short film Tattoo, starring Daniel Henney & James Hong; directed & co-written by Bill Paxton; screenplay written by Daniel Hsia – writer/director of Americatown, click on the following post link:

[Short Movie] Daniel Henney as The Stranger in Tattoo

 July 10, 2011 – Update:  More movie info found by Dee.  Source: becksmithhollywood.com

 “Joy Luck Club” producer Janet Yang is preparing an indie film about expatriate Chinese Americans adapting to life in Shanghai, called “Americatown.”  Characters include Sam, who is sent by his U.S. company to head up their Shanghai office, makes blunder after blunder, and  discovers “the home he’s always longed for is nothing like what he imagined” (per casting notices).  Also: Sam’s English-speaking assistant, Fang-Fang; a Caucasian Southerner named Donald; and “Kung Pao Pete,” a local who is fluent in Chinese, French, English and Japanese.

Our best guesses:  Sam = Daniel Henney, Donald = Bill Paxton.   Have to admit, really digging the nickname “Kung Pao Pete”!  I want a cool nickname like that!  😀


3 responses to “[NEWS: New Movie Project] Daniel Henney in Shanghai

  1. can’t hardly wait to watch the movie. Good luck Daniel.. #AuwwAuwwAuww

  2. Yep, it’s true. I live in China and was at a bar in Shanghai called the Southern Belle, owned by a Bostonian (great Lynchberg lemonades and about the only place for grits in town). He was closing the restaurant for today and tomorrow for Henney to come and check out the site with some of the actors. Can’t wait to see the flick and know all the sites they’re using!

    • hermosausaadmin

      Wow, Glenda! Thanks for the “insider” tip! Can’t wait to see this movie either. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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