Daniel Henney & PROSPECS

This article was forwarded to Hermosa USA by one of our twitter followers.  Thank you @mmarinaa226!  Posted with permission from Hermosa International staff.






Here’s the rough English translation:

Daniel Henney, a model for running shoes

Daniel Henney has been appointed PROSPECS (an outdoor gear/sporting goods brand) running shoes model/spokesperson.  The company made the announcement on July 15.  Daniel Henney has a one-year exclusive television advertising modeling contract, participating in both online and offline marketing activities.

A PROSPECS executive explained the reason for Daniel’s appointment as their spokesperson was because they were looking for someone who “has a vibrant physical beauty and actually enjoys running. The best rated model to satisfy those two conditions is Daniel Henney.”

Daniel Henney is currently busy with his marketing activities, traveling between Korea and the U.S. while still trying to find the time to enjoy a jog.

Ungu Kim, reporter


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